Moving to France: How to Learn French

France is a gorgeous country whose capital city of Paris is filled with some of the finest art and historical museums in the world. The regions of Bordeaux and Provence are known around the world for their exquisite beauty. Moving to France is a dream for many. But before you move to France, be sure you are familiar with the French language.

I Love Moving has helped thousands of people move to Europe. We advise all our clients before moving to France that they make an effort to learn French. While English is widely spoke in France, French remains the lingua franca of the country. You will also find widely spoken in other portions of Europe. So learning French before moving to France will make your life far easier upon arrival.  

Moving to France and How to Learn French

One of the best ways to learn the French language is to take a course in basic French offered at a local community college. Some of these courses concentrate on the basic elements of necessary communication such as directions, ordering in a restaurant or shopping at a market. If time allows, take a course that delves deeper into the grammar and syntax of the language.

For those who don’t have the time to take a formal course, there are a number of excellent courses on the market that teach French quickly. You can listen to these materials while driving in the car, or study them with visual aids on your home computer. You can also use these at home courses while traveling or moving to France as a refresher course.

One other great resource for language learning is the local library. Many libraries now offer free basic language instruction in French, and other languages, through specialized resources that are available only libraries.

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