Moving to London: Best Local Food Dishes

If you plan on moving to London at some point in the future and are wondering about the traditional cuisine of any given country or region, you should ask I Love Moving. I Love Moving is in the business of moving people all over the world, we get to sample the fare of the majority of the countries on the planet. If you’re moving to London don’t hesitate to ask us for advice and tips on enjoying traditional British cuisine.

Fish and Chips in London

One of the first meals that many new arrivals seek out after moving to London is a plate of classic English fish and chips. Most pubs feature this dish on their menus, and any busy pub along the Strand will likely serve up crispy, hot fish and well-prepared chips. (Keep in mind that chips means french fries in England.)

Our staff also highly recommends sampling London’s Indian food when moving to London. England has a long history with the country of India. Some of the finest British food has a strong Indian influence. Kedgeree, a rice-based delicacy containing curry spices, smoked haddock, and hard-boiled eggs is a delicious option for Sunday Brunch in Soho. Chiken Tikka Massala is another Indian-inspired dish that is extremely popular in London and was actually invented by a chef in Glasgow.

When exploring Chelsea, don’t forget to stop for a bit of a rest and to to enjoy one of England’s most classic traditions: Welsh rarebit. Grated cheddar cheese is blended with beer sauce and mustard before being mixed with an egg and placed on top of a piece of toast. Of course, the most quintessential British dish of all is a beef or lamb roast served with well-crafted Yorkshire pudding on the side.

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