Moving Tips: Moving to New Zealand

In making a big move to another country it goes with saying many factors must be taken into account. First “why am I making such a huge step, where is the best location for my needs” In this case it’s a business move were my company is relocating for logistics purposes. Location is also important for housing, shopping, and schools. Other less essentials would include restaurants, parks, and even the night life.

Once the destination has been determined, its time look at the actual move. So many thing to consider such as selling the home (if this applies), stopping all utilities, arranging for packaging and shipping of all household items which even though shipping overseas can be costly, it is still fairly simple.

Vaccinations are a high point. In some cases a physical may be required. Some vaccinations that must be updated are mainly tetanus shot followed by hepatitis A or B. If you are traveling with a pet, all shots must be unequivocally up to date.

Transporting a car or other big ticket items such as a piano are not a problem since this takes place on a daily bases. It’s simply being a matter of cost.

Things not to bring is really a matter of common sense such as you do not want to bring any form of weapon at all, this would include toys. Do not bring any inflammation literature; this too will cause you headaches. Even a large carry on though nothing wrong there, it’s just a nuisance. And since you’re travel a great distance, travel as light as possible.

Passports and other documentation such as birth certificate, social security card, and drivers license is important to have on hand. Besides without a passport, you won’t get out the door.

In all these things, a travel agent is best used for all your overseas travel arrangements.

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